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There are 4 expensive hazards to home rooftop solar panels:
1) Pigeons that nest underneath your home solar system create a serious health risk to your property.
2) Damaged wiring that turns into a fire hazard.
3) Squirrels & other rodents that chew wiring and can damage your solar electrical system.
4) An accumulation of leaves or debris trapped beneath solar panels can lead to roof damage.
A Simple Solution:
Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem of birds and other rodents nesting under solar panels! The most humane, and effective deterrent is to install bird netting as soon as possible. These solar panel bird deterrent tools are designed to keep birds and critters away and block them from nesting under the solar panels. Bird netting is a weather-resistant mesh that installs without any damage to your panels or to your roof.
For those concerned with the aesthetics of bird netting, you can rest assured that the mesh is nearly invisible after installation. Even better, birds will not be able to get under your panels and will simply move on to another location, leaving your solar panels and your home free from destruction.
GDC Cleaning can remove the nesting materials, pressure wash, and disinfect the areas where pigeons have been nesting. And install netting that creates a physical barrier that won’t allow birds to nest.

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